Mexico Veladora Good Luck Charm

History of The Veladora Good Luck Charm

Mexican culture is full of idiosyncrasies that can confuse travelers and visitors to the country. Veladoras may look like a heavily decorated candle but they are far more than that to the Mexican people and they represent their link to God. The candles are used to help with praying and meditating as well as being used to ask for God’s help. Mexico has a strong religious background and the notion of praying to God and seeking support is a typical part of this belief. You may have heard of lighting candles in memory of loved ones and seen various candles on display in religious buildings. The Veladora has been used for many years as an instrument to pray with and seek help from God and the spirits.

Why the Veladora Charm Brings Luck

The idea behind the candle is that it is a physical way of sending prayers to God and the spirits. They hear the prayers and the spirits are said to support your requests to God – helping them to come true.

How to Use the Veladora Charm

Each Veladora candle can usually be lit for 7 days in a bid to get the most support from the spirits. These candles are lit and then people pray, sharing their requests with god. Candles remain lit and on display in the home as a visual reminder to the family.

How the Veladora Charm Is Made

Veladora candles are made from wax and have a long burning wick. Once they are made, they are then heavily decorated with religious verses and images of God, Jesus, and other religious spirits. Each candle represents the spirit that you need to get help from.

How to Make the Veladora Charm at Home

Candle making can be messy but a lot of fun! You will need to purchase the wax melts, wicks and a case to pour the hot wax in to dry. When it is dry you can score your religious design into the candle by using a toothpick or small sharp object. When your image is complete you can dab candle paint into the picture to bring it to life. Then light it and say your prayers to the spirit of your choice. Unlike popular candles today, Veladora are pillar candles and are not made in glass pots as the decoration is done directly onto the candle.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Veladora Charm

  • People believe that if the lit Veladora candle crackles then the spirits are asking for help for you and to let you know they have heard your prayer.
  • Mexicans believe that if the crackling sound is very loud then many spirits are fighting against the ones pleading your case.

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