Morocco Khamsam Tcherot Good Luck Charm

History of The Khamsam Tcherot Good Luck Charm

The Khamsam tcherot is a traditional good luck charm across Northern Africa and most notably in Morocco. People would get these crafted by blacksmiths to bring their loved ones good luck on long journeys away from home and they have long been a part of the Moroccan culture. Khamsam tcherot have long been a part of Moroccan culture and was first used to give luck and love to people before they started long journeys. Soon after becoming popular they began being given as a good luck charm for a variety of reasons; fertility, health, and protection.

Why the Khamsam tcherot Charm Brings Luck

The charm has very small compartments inside that allow the buyer to personalize them for the wearer, making them a charm that would only bring luck to the person they were intended for.

How to Use the Khamsam tcherot Charm

The Khamsam tcherot charm is worn around the neck as jewelry and can range in size depending on the wealth of the maker.

How the Khamsam tcherot Charm Is Made

Khamsam tcherot were made by blacksmiths and use precious metals to create the box-shaped amulet. The smiths melt small pieces of metal onto the constructed box to personalize them to the buyer’s requirements and then left for the buyer to fill with inscriptions before closing them and placing them onto a chain to wear.

How to Make the Khamsam tcherot Charm at Home

Khamsam tcherot is not something that can be made at home but it can be researched and purchased as an antique. They are not easy to find and typically cost an inordinate amount of money but the beauty of the charm is undeniable.

Khamsam tcherots are made today but not widely – these days a variety of materials are used to make the charms and they are still believed to bring good luck to the wearer.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Khamsam tcherot Charm

  • >The khamsam tcherot is sometimes also made in leather and stretched over tin boxes to produce a cheaper but effective version

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