North Korea Luck Charm 1 Dollar Bill

North Korea has always strongly opposed the imperialist West, particularly the US. Propaganda regularly circulates condemning US actions, portraying capitalist behaviours in a negative light across news networks and in education. Despite these efforts, young North Koreans have begun to idolise elements of the US, this ‘value deviation’ has become an act of rebellion and now, the 1 dollar note has become an intriguing symbol of this phenomenon and is said to bring good luck to those who own it.

History Of The 1 Dollar Bill Good Luck Charm

North Korean education is staunchly anti-US, so why are students keeping 1 dollar bills in their uniform pockets and wallets as good luck? Despite North Korea’s efforts, their economy has become increasingly reliant on foreign trade and currency and thus, the USD has become a far more common sight across the country, even despite ideological differences. The dollar has become somewhat of a cult symbol of the West, of money and capital, which is something embraced by younger North Koreans who have begun to collect 1 dollar notes and keep them on their person for good luck. In response, North Korea has warned that any fantasies about the US could lead to death, but this has only intensified cult status of US fantasies amongst young North Koreans.

Why The 1 Dollar Bill Charm Brings Luck

The 1 dollar bill is not so uncommon in North Korea now as it was a decade or so ago. North Koreans who enjoy the cult status of the 1 dollar bill do so because they believe it to symbolism economic progression, freedom and escapism. The 1 dollar bill is treasured more strongly than any other denomination, even the 100 dollar bill, because it features George Washington, the first President. This, together with the word ‘one’, is seen to symbolism a straight path to riches and success. The 1 dollar bill has become so pervasive that even North Korean families give their children 1 dollar notes in the hope that they’ll become successful and influential. It seems that despite anti-US teachings, the 1 dollar bills’ cult status as a good luck charm has become inescapable.

How To Use The 1 Dollar Bill Charm

The 1 dollar bill charm in North Korea is kept safe and sound away from the prying eyes of the state. Being caught with a 1 dollar bill would be bad news, students are said to stow away the note in clothing or in textbooks.

How The 1 Dollar Bill Charm Is Made

The 1 dollar bill is printed in the US but is often circulated in North Korea as the country has become more reliant on foreign currency for trade. The US dollar is so common that North Korea is unable to always use its own currency, the North Korean Won, instead having to admit using a foreign currency is beneficial for the economy. North Koreans are therefore more regularly exposed to dollar notes which are kept as good luck charms.

How To Make 1 Dollar Charm At Home

The 1 dollar bill is encountered in everyday life in North Korea but this has certainly not always been the case. 1 dollar bills North Koreans encounter are often not spent, not handed into the state, but are kept safely as a good luck charm.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The 1 Dollar Bill Charm

  • North Korea uses USD more often now than ever
  • Fantasising about the US carries harsh punishments, the 1 dollar bill is contraband to hold as a good luck charm
  • The 1 dollar bill symbolises progression, freedom and wealth. Even families have begun to use the 1 dollar bill as a good luck charm in the hope it’ll bring success and influence

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