Sudan Hijab Amulet Good Luck Charm

The use of good luck charms is widespread and commonplace in Sudan. People truly believe that wearing Hijab amulets will protect and guide them through life and bring them luck when they most need it.

History of The Hijab Amulet Good Luck Charm

The Hijab amulet has been used for hundreds of years and is typically square or rectangular in shape. Historically, the amulet would bear a religious inscription that would keep the wearer safe.

Why the Hijab Amulet Charm Brings Luck

The amulet is said to bring luck as it has a religious and magical inscription on it to ward off evil spirits and ensure the wearer lives a happy and prosperous life.

How to Use the Hijab Amulet Charm

The Hijab amulet is typically worn as a decorative item around the neck and people do not remove them at any time to ensure the luck is constant. Ideally, the inscription will be blessed and it will be a personal and religious inscription that is personal to the owner.

How the Hijab Amulet Charm Is Made

Hijab amulets are mostly made from camel leather by the local village Shaman. The leather is cut with traditional tools and then the inscription is scored into the leather so that it never fades.

How to Make the Hijab Amulet Charm at Home

If you want to make your own version of a Hijab amulet you will need to get some leather offcuts from your local craft store. Cut the piece into a rectangle or square and thread it onto a cord or necklace. When this is done you can choose one of your favorite inscriptions to score onto the leather and then, if you want to, get it blessed. Always wear it and you can use it as your very own good luck charm.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Hijab Amulet Charm

  • There have been instances where people have been known to wear over one hundred of these amulets! They really must have been very lucky!
  • Some people choose to wear the amulets on their arms and waists as well as around their neck.

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