South Korea Luck Charm Swallow

The swallow is a beautiful songbird which has graced writers, artists and others with luck and inspiration for thousands of years. An awe-inspiring sight in-flight and with a charming tune, the swallow has become an icon of good luck across the world. South Korea amongst other Asia countries treasures the swallow for its beauty and symbolism.

History Of The Swallow Good Luck Charm

The swallow lives most of its life in the sky, they rarely make permanent homes on the ground and are instead heard singing from their homes in the sky, which is quite a rare sight for songbirds which usually sing when stationary in trees or on the ground. Across many cultures, swallows are seen as symbols of love, companionship, freedom and good luck. They’re a frequent choice of tattoo for those wishing to endow themselves permanently with the swallow charm. In South Korea, swallows frequently feature as part of artworks and are incorporated into paintings for their meanings. They often feature alongside couples as a symbol of their love and trust. The swallow is also part of the mystical creature the phoenix which has a chin of a swallow in Asian culture, the phoenix symbolises longevity and fortune.

Why The Swallow Charm Brings Luck

Swallows are regularly referred to across many cultures and hold deep symbolic meaning. The swallow is a free bird that roams the skies whilst singing a charming and beautiful tune, they’ve inspired countless art and poems such as Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince. To this day, swallows are held in high regard by those who adore their nature, their song and their grace in-flight. They’re also considered a companion of farmers and agriculturalists who treasure them for their insect-catching behaviours and pest control. The swallow has, therefore, become a good luck charm incorporated into music, images and writing. A swallow charm can be carried on the person or placed in the home to signify love, trust, companionship and good luck.

How To Use The Swallow Charm

The swallow may be used in one of many forms. It may be incorporated into images such as paintings to signify good luck and love or may be kept on the person as a charm in the form of jewellery, carvings, etc.

How The Swallow Charm Is Made

The swallow charm is most often incorporated into paintings and drawings but can also be kept on the person as a physical charm. The swallow is also often tattooed as a symbol of love, trust and good luck.

How To Make Swallow Charm At Home

The swallow charm can be incorporated into drawings or kept as a charm on bracelets and necklaces. Tattooing is a frequent method to incorporate the swallow charm into your everyday life.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Swallow Charm

  • The swallow has inspired art and writing for thousands of years
  • Swallows are symbols of fortune, love, trust and good luck
  • The phoenix has the chin of a swallow in many Asian cultures

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