Tunisia Fish Symbol Good Luck Charm

Tunisia is home to a rich and diverse culture that takes its influence from Berber history as well as Islam and Jewish faiths.

History of The Fish Symbol Good Luck Charm

The need for protection from the evil eye is a common theme in finding a good luck charm and the fish symbol was originally used for the sole purpose. People painted it on the side of their homes and on their front doors with the hope that it would bring them luck and protection.

Why the Fish Symbol Charm Brings Luck

The symbol is said to scare off the ever watching evil eye ad allow the inhabitants of a home to live in peace and safety. People now carry the symbol with them at all times on jewelry and as trinkets in their bags and pockets.

How to Use the Fish Symbol Charm

The charm can be used to protect a house by painting the symbol on the entranceway or the outside walls. It can also be used as a charm that can be taken with a person wherever they go, thus ensuring their protection wherever they are.

How the Fish Symbol Charm Is Made

Traditionally, the symbol was painted onto homes in blue paint to protect the people living there from the evil eye. More recently, the symbol has been made into jewelry using a precious metal such as gold to allow people to be lucky wherever they are.

How to Make the Fish Symbol Charm at Home

If you want a fish symbol to bring you luck then you will need to paint an outside door or wall in white. When the white has dried you can then paint the fish on, using blue paint. The design can be obtained from the internet and it simple to copy.

If you’d rather not paint your house then you can source fish symbol jewelry online to make sure you take luck everywhere you go!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Fish Symbol Charm

  • The fish symbol is deeply embedded in the Jewish faith.
  • The fish is also a zodiac symbol as shown in Pieces.

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