Turkey Nazar Bonjuk Good Luck Charm

Turkey is a country full of Mystery that entices people to visit. The Turkish tourism industry is booming and package holidaymakers from across the world enjoy their time in Turkey. When bringing home a souvenir the Nazar Bonjuk is a popular item.

History of The Nazar Bonjuk Good Luck Charm

The Nazar Bonjuk has been a good luck charm for hundreds of years. It was created to provide lap to its owner and keep them safe from the danger of the evil eye. The charm is a well-known and traditional talisman that you Will find in most Turkish homes.

Why the Nazar Bonjuk Charm Brings Luck

The Nazar Bonjuk is said to bring luck as it wards off evil spirits and stops other people from casting spells on the owner. The trademark look of the charm is a blue glass eye that looks on the Person that is trying to cause evil and warns them that it’s watching them.

How to Use the Nazar Bonjuk Charm

The Nazar Bonjuk Charm is hung in the home with the eye facing the door or the precious objects in the house. The charm is believed to bring good luck to its owner and provide protection when it is hung for all to see. By placing the charm in eyesight it allows it to keep the owner safe.

How the Nazar Bonjuk Charm Is Made

The Nazar Bonjuk is made of handmade glass that is shaped into a teardrop shape. Different glass colors are added and formed into circles until it resembles the eye that is well known in Turkey.

How to Make the Nazar Bonjuk Charm at Home

If you want to make your own Nazar Bonjuk and don’t have the ability to make your own glass then you can recreate it in paper or cardboard. Firstly select a range of colored pens or paint in the blues of the Nazar Bonjuk and recreate an image of the charm on the paper or card. When dry, cut the charm out and place a cord through the top so that it can be hung and used to watch over your front door.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Nazar Bonjuk Charm

  • In Turkey the Nazar Bonjuk charm is used to hang above a baby’s cot this is done to keep the baby guarded and safe from any evil that lurks around.

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