Zambia Nyami Nyami Good Luck Charm

The Nyami Nyami good luck charm of Zambia is a powerful source of luck and protection to those who wear it. Primarily used by people associated with the Zambezi River, the charm is said to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. The legend behind the Nyami Nyami charm is an interesting one and one that is believed by many. In the most famous account, Nyami Nyami struck back at the people who built a dam in the Zambezi River with a flood of epic proportions. It is said that the dam separated him from his love and he is now trying to get back to her.

History of The Nyami Nyami Good Luck Charm

Nyami Nyami has been revered as a river god for hundreds of years by the BaTonga People. Until the 1940s, their culture and way of life was little known in the outside world, but when colonization and the industrial revolution hit the valley they called home, the world came to know Nyami Nyami.
h2>Why the Nyami Nyami Charm Brings Luck

The charm protects its bearer from evil spirits and offers good luck at the same time. It is said that to wear the charm is to show respect to the river god of the same name. And, when he is respected, his protection and luck come to the person holding the charm.

How to Use the Nyami Nyami Charm

To use the Nyami Nyami charm, all that is required is for it to be present. Simply wear or carry the Nyami Nyami charm to benefit from its good luck.

How the Nyami Nyami Charm Is Made

The Nyami Nyami charm is made by carving. Using materials such as ivory, silver, gold, stone, wood, bone, or horn, artists create an image of the famous river god. The lower half of the charm represents the coils of the snake body, while the upper part is the fish head that Nyami Nyami has. Charms can be small enough to fit onto a necklace or large enough to crown walking sticks. There is a Nyami Nyami charm for everyone.

How to Make the Nyami Nyami Charm at Home

Most Nyami Nyami charms are made from wood, stone, horn, or bone. To make a Nyami Nyami charm yourself, you will need to possess a certain level of carving skill. You’ll need to find a suitable piece of material, and carving tools of various shapes and thicknesses. And, of course, you’ll need a model (such as a detailed picture) to use as a guide.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Nyami Nyami Charm

  • Nyami Nyami sightings are surprisingly common along the Zambezi River.
  • A hydro-electric dam has separated Nyami Nyami from his true love.
  • Local guides and fishermen carry Nyami Nyami charms for protection.

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