Armenia Kapoot Achk Good Luck Charm

The evil eye is a well-known symbol to ward off evil all over the world and especially in Armenia where it’s known as a popular good luck charm that protects the wearer from ill fortune. It brings good luck to the wearer because of its ability to deflect negative energy. It is popular in Armenia, and has been for centuries.

History Of The Kapoot Achk Good Luck Charm

Belief in an evil eye has persisted since ancient times. It has long been believed that if someone is praised they will attract bad luck. In ancient Egypt, the eye amulet was a popular charm against this bad luck and has stretched into modern times. The beads with the image of an eye on them were believed to reflect the malicious thoughts back to the person who had sent them, and the typical color of blue is also believed to be a factor in the protective element.

Why The Kapoot Achk Charm Brings Luck

The Kapoot Achk charm is said to bring good luck because it reflects the negative thoughts which come the wearer’s way back to the sender, leaving only positive thoughts behind.

How To Use The Kapoot Achk Charm

The Kapoot Achk charm can be used in several ways. It can be worn as a single amulet around the neck or wrist, or as a string of beads. It can also be hung in the car or in the home to reflect evil which comes that way. Some Armenians hang it from windows or curtains to block the entry points into their home.

How The Kapoot Achk Charm Is Made

Usually, the Kapoot Achk evil eye charm is made from blue glass however it may also be made from clay or ceramics. Usually this charm is handmade and hand dyed.

How To Make The Kapoot Achk Charm At Home

Although you can’t make glass in the average home, you can make your own Kapoot Achk charm at home using clay. Simply shape a small piece of clay into the shape of an eye, leave to dry then paint blue, with a white eye and a black eyeball. Make sure to leave a hole in the top so you can thread a chain through it for hanging. You may even be able to obtain small glass beads from your local craft shop.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Kapoot Achk Charm

● The charm can be worn anywhere on the body including on the fingers, in the ears or around the neck.
● The Kapoot Achk charm is usually hung in front of a mirror as an aid to its reflective properties.
● The blue color of the eye is said to bring extra luck as it represents water, without which all things would die.

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