Azerbaijan Camel’s Needle Good Luck Charm

In Azerbaijan, the evil eye has long been a well-known concept. The Camel’s Needle good luck charm has been used for centuries to deflect the evil thoughts and to protect the owner from potential harm.

History Of The Camel’s Needle Good Luck Charm

For centuries, the evil eye has been believed all over the world to be cast on those who have been praised too highly. Finding a way to deflect those ill thoughts from those that they have been cast on has led to several charms being created to return the evil to person who sent it. While in some parts of the world this kind of charm took the form of an eye, in Azerbaijan, it took the form of the camel’s needle – a thistle-like plant which was said to be a talisman to ensure luck and protection for the owner.

Why The Camel’s Needle Charm Brings Luck

The Camel’s Needle charm is said to bring good luck because it can deflect the evil eye. Its sharp needles are believed to be capable of piercing the evil eye and negating its power.

How To Use The Camel’s Needle Charm

The Camel’s Needle charm is usually hung over the entrance to the home to stop evil from getting in, or from the rear view mirror of a car to keep the driver and their passengers from harm while they travel.

How The Camel’s Needle Charm Is Made

The Camel’s Needle charm is simply made from a bunch of dried Camel’s Needle tied with a thread and then hung in place.

How To Make The Camel’s Needle Charm At Home

The Camel’s Needle charm can easily be made at home by simply taking a sprig of this plant, drying it out and then tying it together with a thread. It can then be hung over the entrance way to your home or over your rear-view mirror in your car.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Camel’s Needle Charm

● Camel’s Needles have been believed to bring happiness for centuries.
● Despite the fact that, during the Soviet rule of Azerbaijan, the authorities tried to stamp out superstitions, the belief in the evil eye persisted and citizens continued to use Camel’s Needles to ward off harm.
● The Latin name of the Camel’s Needle plant is the Alhagi Camelorum.

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