Belgium Mons Monkey Good Luck Charm

Anyone who has ever been to the Belgian city of Mons will be aware of the Mons Monkey good luck charm. As one of the most recognisable features of the city, the Monkey of the Grand Garde has become a popular tourist attraction, said to bring luck to anyone who rubs its head.

History Of The Mons Monkey Good Luck Charm

The origins of the Mons Monkey are shrouded in mystery. Nobody can be certain of the monkey’s exact age, and nobody knows when he appeared on the town hall’s façade, although the building itself was constructed during the 1400s. He is believed to date back to the Medieval period and there are three potential reasons why he was placed here. One is that he was  designed by an apprentice blacksmith who was hoping he might impress everyone enough to be made a master. The second is that he was part of a tavern sign for an inn which was in the town hall’s basement. The third is that the monkey was a stocks for disruptive children. The legend of the Mons Monkey was first circulated in 1930, but even before that time, visitors would stroke its head for good luck.

Why The Mons Monkey Charm Brings Luck

It isn’t known why the Mons Monkey charm is supposed to be lucky, however local custom dictates that those who stroke his head won’t just have good luck, they may also have their wishes granted.

How To Use The Mons Monkey Charm

The Mons Monkey brings luck to anyone who visits the city and strokes his head. You must use your left hand though!

How The Mons Monkey Charm Is Made

The original Mons Monkey is made from fashioned metal. It’s also possible to buy bronze miniatures of the monkey statue.

How To Make The Mons Monkey Charm At Home

Unless you’re a skilled metalworker, the chances of being able to make your own bronze Mons Monkey charm yourself are quite slim. You could, however, make one out of clay and bake it hard in an oven. You could even paint it with a metallic paint to replicate the original material.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Mons Monkey Charm

● The real statue itself in Mons, Belgium has a smooth head thanks to generations of people rubbing it for good luck.
● Women who want to find a husband are encouraged to stroke the monkey’s head.
● Some people say that the monkey also helps to bring fertility to those who touch its head.

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