Bhutan Phallus Good Luck Charm

If you’ve ever been to Bhutan, a kingdom in the Himalayas, you’re sure to have noticed the proliferation of phallus imagery which abounds everywhere. There are paintings on both secular and religious buildings depicting the erect phallus and there are countless examples of carved phalluses for sale everywhere.

History Of The Phallus Good Luck Charm

It isn’t known precisely when phalluses began to appear in Bhutan as a good luck symbol, however the earliest structure known to depict them is the Chimi Lhakhang Bhutanese monastery which was built to honour the 15 th century lama Drukpa Kunley who is one of Bhutan’s most revered heroes, credited as having brought the Buddhist religion to the country. The legend behind the phallus symbol’s association with Bhutan is that when the lama was given a sacred thread which should be worn around the neck, he said he’d tie it onto his penis instead so he’d have good luck with the ladies.

Why The Phallus Charm Brings Luck

The erect phallus is said to said to repel bad luck, negative gossip and evil spirits. This is why it is said to be a good luck symbol. It is also a sign of fertility, and it is said that hitting a woman over the head with a fake phallus will help her to conceive.

How To Use The Phallus Charm

The phallus charm can be painted onto the walls of a house or room to bring good luck to everyone inside it. Sculptures and carvings of the erect phallus can also be presented to someone to bring them luck or used to hit a woman over the head to help her to get pregnant. They are also used for blessing newborn children and can be dipped into drinks that are offered to guests to bring them luck.

How The Phallus Charm Is Made

The phallus charm may be painted onto a wall or may be carved out of wood. It may also be sculpted from metal.

How To Make The Phallus Charm At Home

You can make your own phallus charm at home by painting it onto your walls. You could also carve one yourself out of wood if you have woodworking skill or fashion one from clay.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Phallus Charm

● Another legend about Drupka Kunley, the originator of this charm, is that he tamed a demoness by showing her his impressive member!
● If a new house is built in a rural part of Bhutan a virgin brings a bamboo basket filled with five phalli and hangs it from the ceiling for good luck.
● In Bhutanese Tsechu festivals, the phallus has a major role to play in the form of truncheons used to hit participants over the head and as wands whirled by dancers.

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