Dominican Republic Asabache Good Luck Charm

The evil eye, also known as the mal de ojo, is taken very seriously in many countries such as the Dominican Republic. With its ability to bring bad luck, it’s particularly important to shield newborn babies from its effects. The Azabache good luck charm wards off the evil eye and brings good fortune to the baby that wears it.

History Of Asabache Good Luck Charm

The Asabache came from Spain originally but its use spread throughout the Latino world, including to the Dominican Republic many centuries ago. Mothers have historically used asabache to provide protection for their young babies and to ensure good luck came their way.

Why Asabache Charm Brings Luck

The asabache charm is believed to have the power to repel the evil eye and protect from the bad luck it brings.

How To Use Asabache Charm

The asabache charm is most frequently used in a bracelet that the baby wears. However, it’s not just the newborn that reap the benefits of asabache as many adults also wear this amulet on a gold chain around their neck. Due to the prosperity that asabache brings, it’s considered to be an excellent gift for a baby shower.

How Asabache Charm Is Made

The asabache is traditionally made from jet and forms the shape of a fist, similar to the figa. It may also take the form of simple red and black beans or beads.

How To Make Asabache Charm At Home

Even if you don’t have the specific black fist bead available, it’s possible to create asabache at home by threading black and red beads together to create a charm of your own.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Asabache Charm

• The asabasche should not be removed until you are told it’s “nonsense”
• With its clenched fist shape, some countries are offended by the asabache and consider it to be obscene

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