Costa Rica Santa Lucia Flower Good Luck Charm

While some might consider the Santa Lucia flower, which grows in large bunches and is difficult to remove, to be a weed, in Costa Rica this delicate flower is considered a gift of good luck.

History Of The Santa Lucia Good Luck Charm

Due to the heavy rains that occur in Costa Rica over November, the Santa Lucia flower flourishes. Indeed, the plant grows so well during this rainy period that the Costa Rican landscape is overtaken by Santa Lucia flowers – which are common in white, pink, purple and blue. Not just a lucky charm, this plant is used all over the world in many herbal medicines, as the flower is known to help with ailments such as colic, sore throats, diarrhea and fevers.

Why The Santa Lucia Flower Charm Brings Luck

Most likely due to the abundance of Santa Lucia flowers at that time of year, it has become traditional for bouquets of this delicate flower to be given at New Year. It is thought that by giving someone a bunch of Santa Lucia flowers, you will bring that person good luck and prosperity for the coming year. For luck with money, many Costa Ricans will keep a dried Santa Lucia flower head in their wallet or purse in the hopes that they will benefit from lots of money over the year.

How To Use The Santa Lucia Flower Charm

Now before you go off looking for a Santa Lucia flower to put in your wallet, there are certain exceptions to the luck of this flower. So, to be lucky with money, your flower must be a gift from someone and it’s thought that only the white flower will bring you money.

How The Santa Lucia Flower Charm Is Made

Santa Lucia flowers are wild, growing all over the world. So, as well as Costa Rica, you’ll find this plant growing in Australia, Africa and some parts of Asia. To make your charm, take a sprig from the bouquet you received and dry it between the pages of a heavy book or on a tray in the sun. Once dried, you’ll be able to keep it in your wallet.

How To Make The Santa Lucia Flower Charm At Home

If you would like to grow some Santa Lucia flowers in your garden to give as lucky charms, simply pick some of these flowers in the wild and dry them out – much like you would when making a charm from a bouquet – then introduce the seeds to your garden. Once they grow, you’ll be able to make little charms and give them to your friends and family as New Year gifts.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Santa Lucia Flower Charm

● In Australia this plant is nicknamed ‘Billy Goat Weed’ as apparently the flower has the same smell as a male goat.

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