Denmark Gjøl Troll Good Luck Charm

The cheery figure of the toy troll is well-known in many countries around the world. However, it has its roots in Denmark where there’s a genuine belief that they bring happiness and good luck. Known correctly as a Gjøl Troll, they were brought to life in northern Denmark, close to the Limfjord.

History Of Gjøl Troll Good Luck Charm

The Gjøl Troll was the brainchild of Danish youngster Thomas Dam, who was originally chastised at school for drawing instead of paying attention. However upon noticing the quality of his artwork, the teacher’s son encouraged the teacher to permit young Dam to continue. By the 1930s, Dam started carving and made his first troll out of wood. These were the only income for his family as they lived in extreme poverty. Gjøl Troll are now wisely accepted as token of good luck but they date even further back in Danish mythology. For centuries, fairytales have existed telling the story of trolls with magical powers.

Why Gjøl Troll Charm Brings Luck

The Gjøl Troll is symbolic of good fortune and happiness. The first female pilot to cross the Atlantic, Betty Miller, took her troll with her on the journey and attributed her good fortune to her miniature companion.

How To Use Gjøl Troll Charm

There’s no secret to enjoying good luck with a Gjøl Troll. Take it with you, display it in your home, carry it in your bag – the choice is yours! The only prerequisite is that you love your troll and treat it well.

How Gjøl Troll Charm Is Made

The Gjøl Troll factory closed in 2012 although the company is still owned by the family. Each troll was made from a variety of materials including rubber, ceramic and wood.

How To Make Gjøl Troll Charm At Home

Lots of people around the world have made their own troll but mythology suggests that only those made in Gjøl will bestow good luck and fortune.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Gjøl Troll Charm

• Small fragments of sheep skin were used to sew the wigs of the original Gjøl Trolls
• Much of the process of making each Gjøl Troll is carried out by hand

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