Fiji Tiki Mask Good Luck Charm

The traditional Fijian hand-carved Tiki mask was created to bring protection to the owner. They are also said to bring the owner fertility and good luck.

History Of The Tiki Mask Good Luck Charm

The original Fiji Tiki masks were carved by hand from wood and were designed to be kept at the front of a house to keep bad luck from entering. Traditionally, they are carved to represent specific gods with the artist shaping the facial expressions of the mask to resemble one of the god’s characteristic traits. Some Tiki masks, were folk art and didn’t represent gods at all. This is why some can be found in the shape of animals such as turtles which also hold great significance in Fiji.

Why The Tiki Mask Charm Brings Luck

The Tiki mask is said to infuse the wearer with the characteristics of the face carved into it. This means it brings different qualities depending on the character which has been carved on its surface. For example, a mask carved to have the characteristics of a fertile woman would bring fertility while one carved to look like a big, strong man would fill the wearer with strength.

How To Use The Tiki Mask Charm

The Tiki mask can either be kept in the home to instil protection against evil spirits or it can be worn during ceremonies to bring you the characteristics of the character carved into it.

How The Tiki Mask Charm Is Made

Traditionally, the Tiki Mask would be carved from wood by hand by a skilled traditional Fijian artist.

How To Make The Tiki Mask Charm At Home

If you are a skilled woodworker, you could make your own Tiki Mask at home from wood. However, you could also make one from papier mache or clay. Choose the characteristics you wish to represent so the features can reflect the qualities that you would like the mask to embue.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Tiki Mask Charm

● Some Tiki Masks are left in their natural state however others are varnished and painted in bright colours.
● Some Tiki Masks are used to worship ancestors and are created in the image of a deceased loved one.
● Tiki Masks first made their appearance in the West in the 20 th century when owners of restaurants and hotels used them to give their business a more exciting tropical look.

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