France Nenette and Rintintin Good Luck Charms

The Nenette and Rintintin good luck charms originate from France. They take the form of two dolls which are seen as a romantic couple.

History Of The Nenette and Rintintin Good Luck Charms

The Nenette and Rintintin toy dolls were first made in France back in 1913. During the First World War, they were made from yarn and given to soldiers to bring them good luck. During air raids, Parisians also wore them to bring themselves extra protection. They were pinned on clothes, worn in buttonholes or on hats or even worn as a necklace around the neck. Usually they were made in red, white and blue colours to represent the French flag, although they came in several colours and several different materials.

Why The Nenette and Rintintin Charm Brings Luck

When these little figures are worn, they are believed to protect the wearer from harm and to bring them luck.

How To Use The Nenette and Rintintin Charm

These charms can be worn in many ways. They can be worn around the neck on a necklace or pinned onto a hat or clothing. They can also be made in a larger size and kept in the home as a doll.

How The Nenette and Rintintin Charm Is Made

Traditionally, these two doll charms would be made from coloured yarn. They would be around 1” in height and would have eyes and a mouth sewn onto the face. They could also be made from silk or from straw.

How To Make The Nenette and Rintintin Charm At Home

To make these charms for yourself, you need a piece of cardboard around an inch in height. Wind the yarn around the cardboard 10 times. Cut the yarn then tie a piece of yarn around the top of the cardboard, pulling all the yarn together. Slide the yarn off the cardboard. Tie some yarn around the top to form the neck of the doll. Wrap yarn 5 times around the cardboard. Cut it along its bottom edge. Tie the yarn together at the top and braid it. This makes the doll’s arms. Slide the arms through the centre of the doll’s body. Tie a strand of yarn around the waist. Cut the looped bottom of the doll. For the boy doll, braid this yarn into two legs. Sew on some eyes and a mouth.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Nenette and Rintintin Charm

  • The girl doll was called Rintintin and the boy doll was called Nenette.
  • People continued making these charms long after the war and people taught their children to make them.
  • Some versions of this charm also included a third doll, said to be the baby of the couple.

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