Gabon Gorilla Body Parts Good Luck Charm

In Gabon, body parts of the gorilla are seen as a good luck charm, especially the hands and heads. Chimpanzee body parts are also traditionally viewed as bringing good luck.

History Of The Gorilla Body Parts Good Luck Charm

Throughout the African continent gorillas are seen as being extremely special creatures imbued with mystical properties due to their strength. In Gabon, hunters believe gorillas have magical powers to conceal themselves and the Ngi cult believe that the spirit of a gorilla could protect members of the cult from the threat posed by night sorcerers. Different parts of the gorilla’s body are said to bring different types of good fortune. For example, the canine teeth are said to bring good luck to hunters while the hands or fingernails are said to help women to be more fertile.

Why The Gorilla Body Parts Charm Brings Luck

The gorilla is a powerful creature with great strength and great fertility. This is why its body parts are said to bring good luck to those who keep them safe.

How To Use The Gorilla Body Parts Charm

There are various ways in which gorilla body parts are used in Gabon to bring good luck. Simply owning the dried body parts is common, but sometimes they are used in magical potions and consumed.

How The Gorilla Body Parts Charm Is Made

Gorilla body parts would be harvested from dead gorillas and then dried out or used as ingredients in magical spells and potions.

How To Make The Gorilla Body Parts Charm At Home

Obviously, it would be unethical to have genuine gorilla body parts in your home, however you could create some replica parts from clay at home. Or take a pair of scissors to a stuffed ape!

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Gorilla Body Parts Charm

  • Gorillas are now an endangered species and authorities are cracking down on those caught trading their body parts for use in good luck charms.
  • The gorilla is worshipped by some tribes in Gabon as a sacred creature.
  • In the north east of Gabon, there are stories about hunters shooting gorillas but then realising somebody in their village had died from the shot.

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