Germany Ladybird Good Luck Charm

The landscape of Germany is vast and multi-cultural, a place where everyone is welcome. It’s not surprising that with such a range of people there are a huge amount of good luck charms that are part of everyday life.

History of The Ladybird Good Luck Charm

The Ladybird – known as the Glückskäfer – has been a good charm for many years. It is commonly believed that the Ladybird was sent from Mary, the holy mother to agricultural workers to help them keep pests at bay.

Why the Ladybird Charm Brings Luck

The Ladybird charm is said to provide protection to all people and heal people when they are ill. When a Ladybird lands on you then you have extra luck passed to you and it is believed that this happens when people need luck the most.

How to Use the Ladybird Charm

The Ladybird is part of popular culture in Germany and the small bug is treated with care and consideration. It is considered bad luck to bring harm to a Ladybird or remove it from your person if it lands on you.

How the Ladybird Charm Is Made

Ladybirds reproduce with a mate and a female Ladybird can keep a male Ladybird’s sperm stored for up to three months before laying eggs. The eggs are laid in small clusters and are yellow in appearance; the baby Ladybirds will take between 4-10 days to hatch.

How to Make the Ladybird Charm at Home

Ladybirds are a wonderful gift from nature but there are many ways of making replica Ladybirds at home. You can choose from the simple creation of drawing or painting a Ladybird likeness to making an item or jewelry or even yummy baked goods in the Ladybird shape. Any Ladybird item would be considered to bring luck and German people would be happy to see them being made into items that are used.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Ladybird Charm

  • Did you know that the Ladybird is also well known as a Ladybug?
  • Ladybirds come in both male and female form and not all ladybirds are red with black spots – there are many different varieties out there.

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