Germany Shard Luck Good Luck Charm

It’s interesting to note that Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe and the home to over 1500 different types of beer! Things come in abundance in Germany and lucky charms are no exception with luck being found in the most ordinary items.

History of The Shard Luck Good Luck Charm

The notion of shards bringing good luck has been in German culture for a very long time and whilst it is one of the more eccentric ideas, it is widely used in German society today.

Why the Shard Luck Charm Brings Luck

The idea behind shards bringing luck is that when an item is dropped it brings loud crashes and bangs. The noise it creates when it breaks is said to drive out any lurking evil spirits and welcome in good luck. If you are the person that breaks the item you are said to have been saved from bad luck.

How to Use the Shard Luck Charm

The obvious way of using the charm is when items are accidentally broken – you won’t hear cries of dismay but rather cheers of joy to congratulate the person on the good luck that has been bestowed upon them!

The breaking of ceramic is a widely used tradition during German weddings and the couple smashes it against the wall the night before they are married to ensure they enjoy a long, prosperous, and happy future together.

How the Shard Luck Charm Is Made

Shards are made from the breaking of ceramic or porcelain objects and in Germany, the wedding trade makes a lot of money from selling specially crafted items to be broken on the eve of a wedding.

How to Make the Shard Luck Charm at Home

If you want to make your own ceramic dish to break at your wedding you will need to purchase a plain plate or dish that can be decorated.

Your wedding day is an important one and so it would be a good idea to spend some time planning first – a love heart for a simply classic idea or maybe your names and the date of your wedding. When you have chosen you will need to paint it on using ceramic paint and let it dry thoroughly before the eve of your wedding comes around.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Shard Luck Charm

  • Not every breakage brings good luck, be careful not to break a mirror in Germany as it will bring you seven years bad luck!

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