Germany Toadstool Good Luck Charm

Germany is one of the most highly respected members of the European Union and is well regarded over the entire world. The stereotypical image of a German is someone who is practical, logical and enjoys beer but did you know that in reality, Germany is home to a myriad of good luck charms.

History of The Toadstool Good Luck Charm

The toadstools are very precious in Germany and are known as the Fliegenpilze. Imagine a red-capped mushroom covered in small white spots and you will have the Fliegenpilze in your mind. This toadstool has been depicted for many years in children’s books.

Why the Toadstool Charm Brings Luck

In Germany, toads were drawn sat on the mushrooms whilst catching flies that were drawn to the beauty of the mushroom. It is for this reason that it is believed to bring luck and people are still referred to as Glückspilz or lucky mushrooms.

How to Use the Toadstool Charm

Interestingly the mushrooms depicted are poisonous and so must be avoided at all costs. However, the pretty toadstool has been made into brooches, buttons and other items that can adorn an outfit.

How the Toadstool Charm Is Made

Toadstools are grown in forests and are best avoided as the side effects of touching or ingesting one range from mood changes to your hearing and sight becoming impaired!

How to Make the Toadstool Charm at Home

It is not advised to grow your own poisonous toadstool at home but you can always recreate it by making your own toadstool jewelry. Get hold of a material like Sugru or Fimo and use it to shape each color into its toadstool part. Don’t forget to bore a hole into it when it is still pliable if you want to put it onto a necklace or attach a fastening to it to wear it as a brooch.

Put it on and wear it with pride – it will bring you luck wherever you go!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Toadstool Charm

  • The idea of the toadstool being magical comes from its hallucinogenic properties when it is eaten! This is not advised as it can make you seriously ill.

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