Ghana Gris-Gris Good Luck Charm

The grigri or gris-gris is a Voodoo amulet which originates in Ghana. It is believed to bring the wearer luck and protect them from evil. It is also sometimes used to prevent pregnancy. It is a small cloth bag which is inscribed with Qur-an verses and containing small objects. It is worn on the person’s body.

History Of The Gris-Gris Good Luck Charm

Originating in Dagomba, the gris-gris is linked to Islamic tradition although both believers and non-believers wear them. In Ghana they are seen as a good luck amulet with many women in the country using them to prevent pregnancy. A wide cross-section of people at all levels within the community wear gris-gris for luck. They are also found attached to buildings as a form of protection.

Why The Gris-Gris Charm Brings Luck

The Gris Gris charm has the power to bring all kinds of luck depending on the objects which are put inside it and the texts which are inscribed on it.

How To Use The Gris Gris Charm

The Gris Gris charm can be worn on the person or it can be attached to a building to bring good luck to the occupants.

How The Gris Gris Charm Is Made

A traditional Gris Gris charm is made from chamois, flannel or leather bag. Arabic texts are written on the outside while inside it there are placed several mystical objects which hold specific relevance to the individual. The number of objects must be odd and there must be no fewer than 3 and no more than 13. The idea behind the Gris Gris charm is that like will attract like, so the objects must be chosen carefully to represent the purpose of the charm. For example, if you want to attract money, you could choose a green bag.

How To Make The Gris Gris Charm At Home

You can make this charm yourself at home by making a small pouch or bag out of flannel, inscribing some text from the Qu’ran on the outside. You then must choose some specific objects which are relevant to the type of luck you wish to attract. Crystals, stones, coins or personal effects are all examples of objects you could use. Remember to use only an odd number of articles and to have no more than 13 and no less than 3.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Gris Gris Charm

  • The gris gris charm was adopted by slaves in the USA who began to use it for Voodoo practices.
  • Gamblers often put magnets or lodestones in a gris gris charm bag to attract luck at the gaming table.
  • There is a myth about Marie Laveau, a voodoo queen who used gris gris charms to bring bad luck on her enemies.

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