Greece Pomegranate Good Luck Charm

When preparing to visit Greece one of the highlights to look forward to is the food. Sun-ripened sweet tomatoes, feta, and olives are heavenly, followed by a small but very sweet mouthful of nutty Baklava. However, the pomegranate is seen as a symbol of wealth, luck and health and Greeks are keen to grow as many as possible!

History of The Pomegranate Good Luck Charm

The Pomegranate has long been part of the New Year in Greece when, on the first day of the new year, it must be smashed on the doorstep of the house.

Why the Pomegranate Charm Brings Luck

The idea behind smashing the pomegranate on the doorstep is said to release the luck for the occupants over the coming year – a tradition that has kept its popularity for hundreds of years.

How to Use the Pomegranate Charm

The pomegranate is said to have many beneficial qualities and can be eaten or used in medicine – it is also immortalized in art and the twigs of the trees have been used to make head wreaths. Importantly the pomegranate, in any form, is said to bring luck.

How the Pomegranate Charm Is Made

Pomegranates are grown on trees that flower and then produce the fruits that we are used to seeing in shops.

How to Make the Pomegranate Charm at Home

Pomegranates can be grown in the home garden and in colder climates they can still be successful but tend to grow more like a bush than a full tree.

Firstly, you will need to remove some seeds from the fruit and remove the red pulp from around them. Leave your collected seeds to dry for a few days and then plant the seeds about a quarter of an inch deep in the pot.

If you plant them in the winter you will have a small, sturdy plant ready for transplanting next summer!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Pomegranate Charm

  • At Christmas it is common to give a Pomegranate to your loved ones in a red box, tied with a red ribbon – this is said to give luck and love to the recipient.

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