Greece Gouria Good Luck Charm

Greek history is full of Greek gods and the myths that come along with them but it was also the first country to establish a democracy. These days the main industry is tourism and Greek people are warm and welcoming to anyone that comes to visit their beautiful country.

History of The Gouria Good Luck Charm

The Gouria has been a symbol of luck in Greece since ancient times and the word Gouri translates as Good Luck or Good Luck Charm. Gouria are traditionally given as gifts and are believed to bring luck and prosperity to their owners.

Why the Gouria Charm Brings Luck

The belief is that the Gouria will bring you luck if you believe in its power to help you. Gouria are traditionally used during the build up to New Year where you are likely to see them hung everywhere.

How to Use the Gouria Charm

The Gouria charms come in a variety of styles – jewelry, keyrings, and small hanging ornaments are just some of the ways. You either wear or hang the Gouria to harness the good luck it contains.

How the Gouria Charm Is Made

As well as coming in a variety of options, the Gouria also can depict a range of things. Typically, they hold a charm that represents a pomegranate, evil eye, boat, coin or an onion and each of these charms have specific meanings and are given according to these.

How to Make the Gouria Charm at Home

Gourias are easy to make at home; you will need a charm and then either ribbon or jewelry chains and beads. The bead and charm are threaded onto the ribbon or chain until you are happy with the look you have created. Remember to sit the charm in the middle so it takes center stage!

You can then gift it to someone to wear, wear it yourself or hang it inside or outside your home.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Gouria Charm

  • The reason for using the Gouria at New Year is to share hopes for getting lucky in the year to come and to spread luck to your friends and family.

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