Guatemala Worry Dolls Good Luck Charm

Guatemala worry dolls are a well-known good luck symbol. Commercial versions can be bought in stores but they can also be made at home. These dolls should be put under your pillow to take your fears away at night.

History Of The Guatemala Worry Doll Good Luck Charm

Worry dolls originate from Guatemala’s highlands where Mayan culture remains strong. These tiny dolls only measure around an inch in length and they are each made by hand so they all look different. A Mayan legend has inspired this good luck charm. The story goes that a Mayan Princess known as Ixmucane was given a gift from the sun god which gives her the power to resolve any problems which anyone could be worried about. The doll was created in her image to represent her wisdom.

Why The Worry Doll Charm Brings Luck

The Worry Doll charm brings luck to the owner because it is believed to have the power to take fears away.

How To Use The Worry Doll Charm

If you’re feeling anxious about anything, you hold the doll and tell it about the thing which is worrying you. The problem is then transferred onto the doll which is then put under your pillow when you go to bed. The doll makes the worry disappear while you’re asleep.

How The Guatemala Worry Doll Charm Is Made

Traditional Guatemalan worry dolls are made by hand from wool, wire and colourful textile leftovers from other projects. Usually, they are dressed in a classic Mayan style and they measure around ½ and inch up to 2 inches in height.

How To Make The Worry Doll Charm At Home

You can easily make a worry doll charm in your own home. All you need are some pipe cleaners, clothes pins or wooden sticks. You then take some colourful wool and wrap it around the doll, adding in colourful pieces of spare material. You can use beads to make a head.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Guatemala Worry Doll Charm

  • Some people believe that you need one doll for every problem. Others use a single doll to tell all their worries to.
  • The dolls can either be put under your pillow or in a special box especially for this purpose.
  • You can often buy boxes of several worry dolls in stores or at markets in Guatemala. Sometimes you can find them on sale in other countries too.

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