Greece Mati Good Luck Charm

The Evil Eye is well known across many countries, with people believing that it will curse you when you aren’t even aware it is staring at you. Throughout history, people have tried to find many ways of avoiding the Evil Eye and the Greeks are no different.

History of The Mati Good Luck Charm

The Mati has been a good luck charm in Greece for a very long time but you wouldn’t be blamed for seeing it as an Evil Eye and doing all you could to avoid it. The Mati is, in essence, an evil eye that is widely used and accepted in the Greek culture and beyond.

Why the Mati Charm Brings Luck

The Mati is said to ward off envy and is used to warn people against giving too much praise as it can cause the receiver to become ill or endure misfortune. It serves as a reminder to live simply and to be humble.

How to Use the Mati Charm

The charm is mostly used as a gift when a baby is born or when people move home, start up a new business or even get married. It is meant to be displayed in the home or carried with the person to keep them safe and to serve as a reminder at all times of how to live well.

How the Mati Charm Is Made

Matis are made from colored glass and are a mix of beautiful blues and crisp white that form together to look like an eye. They are often set in jewelry or placed onto keyrings to ensure they are accessible for their owners.

How to Make the Mati Charm at Home

Matis are not easy to make at home as they are made from blown glass but they can be recreated with colored clay or Fimo.

Layers can be wrapped around each other until an eye is depicted and then rolled out to about an inch thick so that it looks like it was made from one piece.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Mati Charm

  • In other cultures, the Mati is also known as the Nazar.

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