Guinea Landai Mask Good Luck Charm

Guinea is a neighbor to Sierra Leone and Liberia and has a long history that began when the Susu people migrated to the area. These days the country’s main religion is Islam, followed by Christian with indigenous people making up around 7% of the population.

History of The Landai Mask Good Luck Charm

The Landai Masks are a traditional object used to initiate boys into becoming men. The image of a Landai Mask is commonplace in the media when representing some of the African nations and can be seen worn on the head accompanied by a raffia costume, used for ceremonies.

Why the Landai Mask Charm Brings Luck

Surprisingly, the mask is seen as a good luck charm when it looks so terrifying but it symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings for young men before they take their place in the tribe as men. Once the ritual has taken place the village host a huge ceremony to welcome the men back and to share the love and luck the mask has brought their tribes by producing new men for them.

How to Use the Landai Mask Charm

The mask is used as a sign that the chosen boys are ready to make their journey to an isolated camp where they begin to learn the life of a tribesman. The training for this lasts many months and the boys are expected to survive the training in order to be reborn.

How the Landai Mask Charm Is Made

Landai Masks are made from wood with items attached to it to represent a face. No two Landai Masks are the same and the features it has depend on the tribe it comes from.

How to Make the Landai Mask Charm at Home

Landai Masks can be made a home by taking shells, string, paint, and other small objects and gluing them to a piece of wood to create a face. After you have glued all the items then you must let it dry before playing with it.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Landai Mask Charm

  • Some Landai Masks have lots of detail that can include faces, tongues, real teeth, and real hair!

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