Guyana Caladium Bi-Color Plant Good Luck Charm

The history of Guyana is colorful and holds many stories; from having English as its official language to being home to the widest single drop waterfall in the world. It is a beautiful and magical country and forms part of South America.

History of The Caladium Bi-Color Plant Good Luck Charm

The Caladium Bi-Color is a flowering plant that is popular all over South America. In Guyana the plant’s status is high and people believe that it brings them good luck.

Why the Caladium Bi-Color Plant Charm Brings Luck

The idea of the plant bringing good luck comes from it being considered a magical charm plant revered by natives in Guyana. The plant is treated with respect and most households own one in order to benefit from the good luck it brings.

How to Use the Caladium Bi-Color Plant Charm

The Caladium has many uses that bring the recipient good that include ingestion, application and just growing it near to your home. The leaves are used to treat sores or wounds and the juice of the plant has historically been used to cover the body in order to keep enemies at bay. These days it is mostly grown and displayed in the home and is believed to bring luck in hunting, in love and when at war.

How the Caladium Bi-Color Plant Charm Is Made

Caladium Bi-Color Plants are grown easily in their native South America where there is rich soil, heat and lots of water. It grows well and can make substantial gains in height and width if the conditions are right.

How to Make the Caladium Bi-Color Plant Charm at Home

The plants can be grown anywhere there is warmth, light, and water. Growing your own from seed will require you to do so after the risk of frost has passed. If your soil does not achieve temperatures of 70 degrees then you will need to grow the plant indoors in a particularly warm spot.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Caladium Bi-Color Plant Charm

  • Magical charm plants like the Caladium Bi-Color are grown and used all over South America.

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