Jamaica Ginger Root Good Luck Charm

History Of The Ginger Root Good Luck Charm

Also known as African Ginger, or more informally Jake Root, the root of the ginger plant has been known for centuries to have healing and medicinal properties, but did you know that the natives of Jamaica have also used ginger in good luck charms for many years too. It is actually a herb whose origins trail back to both India and China, and to this day it is still a main ingredient in many oriental dishes. It has been used to treat food poisoning, stomach cramps and seasickness at times. Ginger ale and ginger beer is a popular drink and is often consumed to settle an upset stomach. It has a bitter and fiery taste that is very distinct.

Why The Ginger Root Charm Brings Luck

Ginger has long been associated with Mars and the subsequent element of fire, and it speaks to the masculine personality due to its strong and fiery nature. Due to this, it is often used in love spells and to attract both luck and success.

How To Use The Ginger Root Charm

You can use the charm in two ways, either by drying out the root as a whole to be used as a charm placed under the pillow to protect you from bad luck and bad dreams, or even carried in a bag. The second way is to powder the root and sprinkle it on anything that needs a little luck, such as a job application form.

How The Ginger Root Charm Is Made

To make the ginger root charm, you can place the dried root in a small bag and carry it around with you, or place in the home to bring good luck.

How To Make The Ginger Root Charm At Home

Ginger root is readily available in most grocery stores, you’ll find it either in the fruit and vegetable section or in the dry produce aisles. Choose a single piece of ginger that you like the look of, there are some quite interesting shapes to be found, and then dry it out on your windowsill at home, or in the airing cupboard. Once dry, find a nice velvet bag and place the root inside. If you’re going to powder the root by chopping or grating it when dry, choose a glass bottle with a lid for easy sprinkling.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Ginger Root Charm

● Some say that sprinkling this in your garden prevents arguments
● Jamaican islanders believe that spitting chewed up ginger into the sea prevents storms
● Ginger has been proven to assist with the regulation of blood sugars in the body
● The essential oil is often added to love potions
● Ginger root isn’t really a root in botanical terms, it’s a rhizome
● Ginger plants grow large, some up to 4ft

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