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Kyrgyzstan Luck Charm Yak Tail

Yaks are used as a food source but also as an accompaniment for lonely farmers navigating the harsh environments of rocky foothills and mountain-crops of Kyrgyzstan. Yaks are not just symbolic and sacred animals in Kyrgyzstan but also in Nepal and Tibet where yaks are treasured animals kept as pets as well as domestic farm animals. Yaks are extremely hardy and very well adapted to their environment, humans have long learnt to respect these strong and resilient animals. Parts of the yak including the tail are therefore seen as good luck.

History Of The Yak Tail Luck Charm

In the harsh environments of remote Kyrgyzstani villages and townships, yaks are one of the few dependable and survivable animals that the locals rely on for their everyday lives. Yaks have therefore established a much-respected status in Kyrgyzstan folklore. The head of a yak is seen to signify strength and resilience whilst the tail is seen to hold good luck and protection. Yak tail hair is extremely thick and strong and is frequently used in textiles or as a bind. Herders are known to wrap and sew yak tail hair into gifts which they give to friends, family or travellers for good luck.

Why Yak tails Brings Luck

Yaks are strong and loyal animals. Across many mountains regions, shrines can be found with offerings of yak tails or ibex horns, these animals are a symbol of survival amongst the harsh environments to which they’ve adapted. Yak heads and tails are both seen as lucky in some way, yak heads symbolise strength whereas yak tails symbolise good luck and given as gifts.

How To Use The Yak Tail Charm

Yak tails are carried with herders who offer them to mountain shrines in extremely remote locations or mountain-passes. The hair can also be used to make products, string or bind. It is extremely strong and is woven into gifts that are given to loved ones, friends, guests or family.

How The Yak Tail Is Made

Yak tails may be taken from living animals – the tail is not cut off at the flesh but is simply trimmed from the hair of the animal. Yak tail hair is used as a charm in its own right or can be incorporated into other products like clothes or gifts. Yak tails may also be removed from dead yaks.

How To Make Yak Tails At Home

Yak tails are understandably difficult to make at home! Yak hair can, however, be purchased from eBay and other sites and it may even be possible to buy yak tail hair specifically.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Pujok Charm

  • Yaks are sacred animals in many Asian cultures including Kyrgyzstan
  • Yak heads are symbols of strengths whilst the tails are good luck charms frequently used as gifts
  • Yak tail hair is strong is used as a strong string in the creation of other products

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