Myanmar (Burma) Pair of owls Good Luck Charm

The Burmese people are like many others around the world who tell stories about owls being wise. The Zee Kwet (owls) are respected in Myanmar (Burma) as they are thought to bring luck to any family that owns them.

History of the Pair of Owls Good Luck Charm

It seems that the owls have always been a good luck symbol in Myanmar (Burma). With the tradition of the owl being a wise and calm bird, it is not surprising that it has evolved to become a good luck charm over the years. The bringing together of the pair of birds gives the charm a family focus.

Why the Pair of Owls Charm Brings Luck

The pair of owls are thought to bring good luck because the bird is wise and calm and symbolizes loyalty, luck, and friendship. The pair of owls bring good luck because the two owls together represent luck in love or togetherness and prosperity as a family.

How to Use the Pair of Owls Charm

People in Burma use the pair of owls by hanging them in their houses, store windows, cars or then be sat on windowsills or placed anywhere that people want to be blessed with good luck.

How the Pair of Owls Charm Is Made

The pair of owls is made by applying paper mache onto carefully crafted individual owl templates. The paper used is golden in color which gives the owls a very regal and special look. Once the paper is dry the owls are cut free from the template and can be decorated further.

How to Make the Pair of Owls Charm at Home

It is possible to make the pair of owls at home. All you need is a template of an owl. Then use your arts and crafts skills so that you can add your paper mache. The traditional pair of owls are made using a top layer of golden paper but you can experiment and find which colors you like the best!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Pair of Owls Charm

  • Sometimes the pair of owls come with an extra one! The owl representing the female will sometimes have an owlet at her feet which is said to represent a family.
  • The owls must come in a pair for it to be considered good luck. Owls are their own are simply not a good luck charm to people in Myanmar.

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