Papua New Guinea Lakakare Good Luck Charm

The Lakakare has long been used in Papua New Guinea as a good luck charm and is said to ward off evil spirits and bring the owner all the luck they need.

History of The Lakakare Good Luck Charm

The Lakakare has been used in Papua New Guinea since the late 1800s when people began to make them to help ward off evil spirits.

Why the Lakakare Charm Brings Luck

The coconut charm would have been carved into an animal shape and then filled with ingredients that were magical. It was these ingredients that kept the owner out of harm’s way.

How to Use the Lakakare Charm

The charm would always be put into a specially made bag to keep it safe. The bag would then be strapped to the owner to carry with them. When going on journeys the owner would wear the charm around their neck.

How the Lakakare Charm Is Made

The Lakakare charm is made from coconuts. The coconut would be carved into a creature – anything from pigs to fish – and then filled with magical ingredients. The charm would then be sealed and decorated before being placed into a bag and a strap attached so that it could be worn.

How to Make the Lakakare Charm at Home

If you want to create your own Lakakare charm you will need a coconut or a hard material such as wood. Firstly, plan the animal you want to create and decide how you want it to look. You will then need to patiently carve the material until it resembles the animal of your choice. Make a hole in the charm and place any ingredients that you feel will bring you luck (maybe there is a special herb you love). Seal the hole with glue and put the charm into a mesh bag with a strap. You have made your own Lakakare charm – let’s hope it brings you luck!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Lakakare Charm

  • Some of the Lakakare charms were made to look very scary to help the charm to frighten off any evil spirits – there are shark ones that look really terrifying!

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