Poland Carp Scales Good Luck Charm

The tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve is quite well known but not everyone knows that when Polish people eat carp on Christmas Eve, they keep the scales of the fish for good luck and prosperity.

History of The Carp Scales Good Luck Charm

In the past, it was believed that a person, or family, should keep the carp in their bathtub until it was time to kill, cook and eat the delicious fish. Once the fish was prepared a few of the scales would be shared amongst the guests who would then keep those scales in their wallet or somewhere about their person. It has always been traditional that these scales are kept for the entire of the next year. That was they keep the good luck and good fortune for the whole twelve months.

Why the Carp Scales Charm Brings Luck

The scales of the fish are thought to be good luck and so placing them in a wallet should bring good luck to that wallet! In other words, the owner of the wallet will enjoy plenty of money.

How to Use the Carp Scales Charm

It is believed that when the fish is eaten on Christmas Eve, the scales of the carp should be kept and place in the wallet or purse of the person who wishes to have good luck. By doing this the fish scales will bring the person luck and prosperity throughout the next year. The scales should be kept in the wallet or purse for the entire year for the luck to continue.

How the Carp Scales Charm Is Made

Very simply, when the carp is ready to be eaten, people will take a few of the scales and place them within their wallet or purse. Some people will choose to carry the scales with them in other ways.

How to Make the Carp Scales Charm at Home

Making the charm at home is really easy and simple for any household that likes to eat fish! Just make sure you follow the tradition of having carp for Christmas Eve, and when it is cooked remove a few scales and keep them safe for the next twelve months.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Carp Scales Charm

  • Most Polish people don’t keep the carp in their bathtub, or anywhere else anymore! These days they usually purchase a fish from the local shop ready to cook!

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