Romania Mărţişor Good Luck Charm

History of The Mărţişor Good Luck Charm

Being a cold country in Eastern Europe with harsh winters and short summers, Romanians have always looked forward to the spring months of the year when trees start to blossom and new life springs onto the scene. Mărţişor is a derivative of the word March, which in Romanian is simply Martie. During this time of year, local Romanians make small charms from common household objects, however some people would go the extra mile and have their Mărţişor good luck charms created from precious metals like gold and silver. The tradition dates right back to the Roman times, some two thousand years ago, and it is thought that the little coins were intended also as a show of status within the community. So celebrate spring and bring yourself good luck for the rest of the year with your own Mărţişor, we’ll show you how to make one in the following steps.

Why the Mărţişor Charm Brings Luck

As these were charms associated with the spring months when everything magically comes to life, then it was thought that that same energy would imbue a talisman to bring good luck. They were also used by those in love to show a token of affection to one another, and everything that comes with it, including beauty and fertility, to signify a marriage that will be prosperous and full of joy.

How to Use the Mărţişor Charm

These special charms are usually worn in pin form, like a traditional brooch, placed over the wearer’s heart. Or, you can tie the ribbons around your wrist to shake the luck over your work or food. Usually the charms are left on right until the first trees in summer begin to blossom, then are hung from it.

How the Mărţişor Charm Is Made

The Mărţişors are a colorful charm and quite easy to make. Traditionally they are made by taking threads of white wool and dyed red wool and spinning them together in a twisting motion to create a spiral pattern. Tassels are created on the ends, and a small coin is placed in the center.

How to Make the Mărţişor Charm at Home

You can make Mărţişors at home fairly simply. All it takes is two types of wool, red and white, pinned together at one end with a knot as the threads are twisted togethers. Take a coin and as you are halfway along the length of the wool, begin to knot it around the coin so it creates a bow. Then make the tassels on the opposite end and you have your Mărţişor, ready to pin to your clothing or wear in the same fashion as a friendship bracelet.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Mărţişor Charm

  • Romanians believe that the original charms were supposed to be made from black/white instead of red/whit
  • Others spread myths and legends that the red is supposed to signify new blossoms and new life against the bleakness of a white winter.

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