Tuvalu Rotating Charm Good Luck Charm

Tuvalu, formally known as the Ellice Islands, is a utopian paradise where people love to spend their time snorkeling and diving in the blue waters. Crime rates are low and people live happily but the island is at risk of disappearing in a few decades with the problems of climate change looming.

History of The Rotating Charm Good Luck Charm

The rotating charm comes in the form of rare but legal tender in Tuvalu. Only limited amounts are released each year and when obtained are kept as good luck charms for their owners.

Why the Rotating Charm Charm Brings Luck

The charm is said to depict the strength koi fish show when they swim upstream. As such, the charm is used to give the owner luck in life, ambition, strength, and independence.

How to Use the Rotating Charm Charm

The charm can be used as legal tender but most people keep it on their person to ensure good luck wherever they go. It is sometimes made into a necklace, bracket or other jewelry so that it can be worn but it can also be kept in a purse or pocket, the important part is that it is kept with you at all times.

How the Rotating Charm Charm Is Made

The charm is made in the Perth Mint from pure silver and a yellow topaz bead is set in such a way that it rotates in the middle of the coin.

How to Make the Rotating Charm Charm at Home

If you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful charms you won’t be able to make it yourself. Don’t be disappointed as you can use the internet to your advantage and find one to buy from an auction house or via a private seller. These charms are expensive so make sure you save up before buying one!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Rotating Charm Charm

  • Did you know that yellow topaz is meant to bring good luck and energy in other cultures too! It is very popular in China so this coin would sell well there too.

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