Ukraine Pysanky Good Luck Charm

The fun of decorating eggs for Easter has been well known across the world for many years. The time spent preparing and painting eggs before giving them away is typically filled with laughter and is a great family activity. In Ukraine, it means something more.

History of The Pysanky Good Luck Charm

Eggs have long been given as gifts and in Ukraine, the notion of egg giving was to bring the recipients good luck and good fortune. Typically, women made and decorated the eggs away from men and they used plants to create the colors needed to dye the eggs.

Why the Pysanky Charm Brings Luck

They are said to bring the owner good fortune as the egg is made with love and care. The design is made specifically for the recipient and the luck it holds grows as it is decorated.

How to Use the Pysanky Charm

The egg is displayed in the recipient’s home and used to grant them luck in marriage, food, crops, and fertility. The idea that it brings luck comes from the maker who can afford to share their good fortune by decorating the eggs with elaborate designs.

How the Pysanky Charm Is Made

Traditionally plants would have been collected to create colored dyes, one the dyes are made the egg is put into the dye and left to absorb it. By coating arts of the egg in wax meant that a design could be created onto the egg and then the dyes could be used to color each specific part.

How to Make the Pysanky Charm at Home

If you want to try your hand at making Pysanky you will need two to three different color dyes, a pot with melted wax and some eggs.

Firstly, paint the wax onto the egg to create the design then put the egg into the first color dye. Once it has dyed the egg remove it from the dye and let it dry.

Next, scrape the wax off and rewax the part already dyed to stop it from being spoilt then submerge the egg in the next color dye. You can repeat this process as many times as you want with as many colors as you want. Make sure you allow the egg to dry between coats.

Finally, choose a recipient that would benefit from the good fortune the egg holds and gift it to them – they are sure to be incredibly grateful for the gift you have lovingly created.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Pysanky Charm

  • Pysanky have become so popular that they are now made all over Eastern Europe and have been renamed in each country; Czech eggs and Romanian eggs are just two examples.

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