United Kingdom Fumsups Good Luck Charm

The history of the UK is steeped in kings, queens, and castles, as well as battles, won and lost. The need for good luck charms has been present in UK society for hundreds of years and seems to be continuing for many more!

History of The Fumsups Good Luck Charm

The Fumsup was first used during the late 19th Century when the UK was deploying soldiers to battles across the world. The small charm comes in the form of a small person or a baby.

Why the Fumsups Charm Brings Luck

The head of the charm would nearly always be made from wood to enable the owner to ‘touch wood’ as this is said to bring luck and fortune.

How to Use the Fumsups Charm

The Fumsup would be worn as a charm necklace or attached to the buttons of soldiers and would be taken with them to war. They became particularly popular during the First World War when many men watched friends sie and their families wanted to keep them safe.

How the Fumsups Charm Is Made

The body of the Fumsup was traditionally made out of metal so that it was sturdy and could travel with the soldiers. The head was made of wood and securely attached to the body.

How to Make the Fumsups Charm at Home

If you want to recreate a Fumsup you will need to source some metal that can be molded into a body shape and a small piece of wood that can be carved into a head.
It is important to remember that the features of the Fumsup must be a child or a baby for it to be authentic.
Fasten the two parts together by gluing or screwing the head the body and then attach it to a chain to wear so that you can have good luck wherever you go in the world.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Fumsups Charm

  • The name of the Fumsup comes from the saying ‘thumbs up’ where people show that they are feeling good by sticking their thumbs up into the air.

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