United Kingdom Horseshoe Good Luck Charm

The Horseshoe is a very popular and well-known symbol of good luck. There are numerous myths about why they bring good luck to people.

History of The Horseshoe Good Luck Charm

The crescent shape that is seen on a horseshoe has been thought to be a shape that holds power going back to medieval times, and probably before. There are also legends in the Celtic tradition that horseshoe jewelry could be used to keep mischievous or wicked fairies at bay.

The most widely known legend states that the horseshoe stops the devil from being able to enter a place where one is being displayed.

Why the Horseshoe Charm Brings Luck

Legend has it that a blacksmith called Duncan nailed a horseshoe to a horse not realizing that the horse was the devil in disguise. The devil was in great pain and Duncan only agreed to remove the horseshoe if the devil promised to never enter a house that had a horseshoe hung up. Therefore anywhere with a horseshoe is good luck because the devil cannot enter.

How to Use the Horseshoe Charm

There is often a bit of contention about how a horseshoe is used and much debate centers around whether a horseshoe should be hung with its heel up as if it represents a letter “U” or with its heels down. Those in favor of the heels being up, believe that this way keeps all of the good luck inside the shoe and stops it running out. However, those who prefer heels down believe that this allows the good luck to flow out of the horseshoe and down onto anyone who passes it.

How the Horseshoe Charm Is Made

Traditionally horseshoes were made from iron and forged by a skilled blacksmith. The lucky horseshoes of the past were exactly what they were meant to be – shoes for horses. Nowadays we don’t tend to take the shoes from horses or wait until they have finished with them before we can have some good luck. Horseshoes are made from a range of different materials and are often decorative ornaments or small charms that are placed on a charm bracelet or other type of jewelry.

How to Make the Horseshoe Charm at Home

Most people aren’t blacksmiths and so won’t be creating their very own real horseshoes in their house or garden. However, as horseshoe charms are generally made from any material and used as decoration these days it is possible to make a horseshoe from arts and crafts. Jewelry making can also include horseshoes that can be worn to carry good luck wherever you go.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Horseshoe Charm

  • Horseshoes have been known to be given as gifts to newlyweds giving them luck in their new marriage.

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