Uzbekistan Lakai Bag Good Luck Charm

Found nestled in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is often forgotten or seen as a mystery to other countries. Imagine some of the most beautiful buildings, ornate detail and the feeling of stepping back in time – this is Uzbekistan. One of the most famous good luck charms in this country is the beautiful Lakai bag.

History of The Lakai Bag Good Luck Charm

The Lakai bag is a well-known symbol of luck that has stood the test of time in Uzbekistan. You can buy them still today and the pattern on the bag is said to bring the owner good luck and fortune for as long as they keep the bag.

Why the Lakai Bag Charm Brings Luck

The Lakai bag is said to bring luck as it is embroidered with stunning silk threads in traditional designs. The motifs that are traditionally used on the bags include pomegranates, iris, and peppers.

How to Use the Lakai Bag Charm

The bag can be worn over the body or on the shoulder and not only brings you luck but a beautiful design piece for your outfit.

How the Lakai Bag Charm Is Made

The bag itself is made into a velvet pouch and strung so it can be worn. The velvet is them elaborately embroidered with images of fruits and flowers that are said to bring the wearer prosperity and luck.

How to Make the Lakai Bag Charm at Home

If you want to make your very own beautiful Lakai bag at home you will first need to get hold of a plain bag that can be embroidered onto, ideally a velvet bag.

Next, turn the bag inside out and, using embroidery chalk, draw the design onto the bag. Using the drawn design, carefully embroider using silk skeins. You can use a wide variety of colors but the design should be of fruit or flowers to ensure you get the luck you deserve.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Lakai Bag Charm

  • Traditionally the Lakai bag is given to a woman by her family to protect her and give her luck when she is away from them.

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