Venezuela Peccary Tooth Good Luck Charm

The Peccary, or Collared Peccary as it is sometimes called, lives in the Americas. The animal is found in North America, Central America and South America. The Peccary is very similar to a wild pig but is hardier and lower to the ground. In Venezuela, the animal is especially revered for its bones and teeth. The teeth are the most important part of the Peccary in Venezuela because they are said to bring luck to whomever carries one.

History Of The Peccary Tooth Good Luck Charm

It is not uncommon to see fossilized peccary teeth for sale, so it goes without saying that they have been around for a long time. What’s more is that we have found decorated peccary teeth in archeological sites dating as far back as the Mayans. It is not clear exactly how long the teeth have been seen as a source of luck, but it has at least been several hundred years.

Why The Peccary Tooth Charm Brings Luck

According to legend, the peccary tooth brings luck to anyone who carries it. Traditionally, hunters in Venezuela and other South American countries carried the peccary tooth because apart from general luck it also offers protection and luck in hunting to its wearer.

How To Use The Peccary Tooth Charm

The Peccary Tooth can be worn in a number of ways. It’s common to see the teeth strung together on string, alongside other lucky charms. It is also sometimes fastened to clothing, used as jewelry, or included in the construction of musical instruments and hunting weapons.

How The Peccary Tooth Charm Is Made

Being a tooth, there isn’t much involved with preparing the peccary tooth for use. Once dry, the tooth can be carved, drilled, painted and etched, depending on what the owner would like. Most commonly, the teeth are painted and carved with symbolic patterns and images.

How To Make The Peccary Tooth Charm At Home

If you want to make a peccary tooth charm at home, you are going to want to find some pictures of authentic peccary tooth charms. Depending on the region in Venezuela it comes from, the designs and carvings change. So, it’s a good idea to ‘shop around’ a while until you find a style that you like. After that, all you need to do copy the model that you found to make your own peccary tooth good luck charm at home.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Peccary Tooth Charm

  • Peccary teeth are only lucky once they have been removed from the animal. Until then, they are quite dangerous!
  • Peccary teeth that give luck are the only sharp teeth in the animal’s mouth. The others are more similar to an herbivore.
  • A fossilized peccary tooth can cost as little as $20.

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